Eat To Draw
Eat To Draw

I love being in nature and am blessed to live near a park and the beach in our garden city of Singapore. We regularly go for walks or cycle in Pasir Ris Park to feed the tortoises, fishes, chickens, as well as spot otters, monitor lizards, kingfishers, herons, hornbills and wild boars.

Before the kid came along, I used to volunteer at local community gardens, WWOOF at overseas organic farms, help out at Sea Shepherd at APEX, and organised the popular Cats Of The World Photo Exhibition and Purrzaar Market to raise awareness and funds for the Cat Welfare Society in Singapore.

Now I potter around my backyard garden and tend to my edibles and ornamental plants. On our walks, I'd forage for interesting flowers, leaves, seeds and twigs to create artwork such as these! 

I also craft characters, commentaries and stories to accompany the images - often sharing interesting facts about animals, cultures, and landscapes, followed by the food info or foraged items. 

Take a bow...

Ostriches are the world's biggest birds but sadly grounded and flightless due to their sizes. So you know male ostriches are called cocks or roosters, and females are hens? 

I was gardening and picked up these two hibiscus blooms which brought on this image of dancing ostriches 🌸 #eattodraw

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